Chasing Clear Skies And Adrenaline Highs.


Camped out with the boys for a couple hours, wish I could’ve stayed longer.

Today we learned that I almost never make a normal face in pics…

Via I Have Loved The Stars Too Much To Fear The Night.


How Alaskans tan.

I fucking love this place

Taking a beer break up on the Service trails, I could take a nap in the sun here but wildlife…


Weather confusion. Friday, August 29, 2014 #alaska #anchorage #fortheemperor #workwindow


Thursday August 28, 2014 #alaska #anchorage #fortheemperor #workwindow


Read our Interview with Nora Fleischer. Here

Via Dose of Dopeness


The most tragic story of all

I know I’m gonna have a lot of downtime this winter and i’m debating picking up Wow again or trying to find another game to use a a time sink after work.


It looks more like summer today; but it feels like fall. August 26, 2014 #alaska #anchorage #fortheemperor #workwindow

Good day not to be at work

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